As you are aware, Jed Marcus was nominated for a Do Gooder award, to be given by the Brooklyn Community Foundation in part for his work as the Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill’s coordinator.

Although Jed is doing well with over three thousand votes and counting, we want Jed in the Winner’s Circle!

Join me in voting for Jed and organizing a network of your friends, family and colleagues to vote. You can vote 5 times each day through October 17 so there are only a couple of days left. Do not let any of your remaining votes go to waste. Save time by logging in with your Facebook account. SEE JED’S NOMINATION DESCRIBING OUR GROUP’S GOOD WORK AND VOTE:

Go to In the very upper right corner, CREATE AN ACCOUNT or LOG IN. Enter MARCUS in the search box and click SEARCH CLICK on Jed’s picture to see his NOMINATION PAGE, describing what Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill has done CLICK on the VOTE FOR THIS NOMINEE tab.  Do this 5 TIMES EACH DAY.

Thank you.


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